Hi, I’m Cassandra. In programming spaces you’ll often see me go by the username SapphicCode, hence the domain.

Since I’m bad at writing about myself, here’s a list of things about me:

kind: Person
  name: Cassandra
  age: "> 20"
  gender: demigirl / gender apathetic
  pronouns: # in order of preference
    - fae/faer
    - they/them
    - she/her
  languages: # in order of proficiency
    - en-US
    - de
    - nl
    - tok
  code: # in order of proficiency
    - python
    - golang
    - bash
    - lua
    - elvish
  infrastructure: # in no particular order
    - ansible
    - terraform

Other places

No socials. If you think you’ve found me on social media, no you haven’t.


No, not the ponzi scheme.